Welcome to the Rue SG website:)

AKA Ruerder

This is my epic website where I'll share whatever it is that I am working on/whatever it is I feel like putting on here:)


March 21st 2024

Made potatoes today, they were pretty good

- Here are some quick facts about myself -

  • I'm from Alberta, Canada
  • I play various instruments, like Piano, and Guitar
  • I love taking photos of all the cool things I see
  • My favourite season is winter
  • I spend my time playing video games on my computer, listening to music, and making music.
  • If you'd like to contact me, email me at rue[at]ruesg.ca
  • - Projects -

  • Unnamed Mystery Project
  • Mystery spooky:O

  • Dwellers Empty Path (Gameboy port)
  • I have been working on and off on this project as well trying to completely recreate the game Dwellers Empty Path on the gameboy!

    It's quite a big project, but I'll try my best to defy the common trend of fangames and not being finished!

  • Undertale in Minecraft
  • I've done some work on the Undertale in Minecraft project.

    Currently the map is just the ruins section of the game, but the whole thing will eventually be finished (I swear).