Hello! I'm Rue SG, and welcome to the about me section of my website!!

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I'm a programmer, musician, and gamedev from Alberta, Canada! I am usually spending my free time doing things on my computer.

My dream is to be able to make a living doing computer stuff or music stuff.

Some of my favourite games are: Omori, Minecraft, Celeste, Undertale, Deltarune, Yume Nikki, Mother, Mother 2/Earthbound, (although I haven't finished it) Mother 3, American Truck Simulator, and Euro Truck Simulator 2. (at least those are all the ones I can think of right now)

Some of my favourite music albums are, 16/04/16 - Cavetown, Rocket - Alex G, The Bends - Radiohead, No Dogs Allowed - Sidney Gish, You're gonna miss it all - Modern Baseball, Race - Alex G, Beatopia - Beabadoobee, The Smiths- The Smithes, Breakfast in America - Supertramp, Balance - Brother, and just- lots of music

Also I am going to change the music on this page soon, excuse how it's literally just a midi file from RPG Maker 2003